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Sharjah Islamic Arts Festival
25 January 2024

Sharjah Islamic Arts Festival

The annual Islamic Arts Festival began in 1998 under the supervision and organisation of the Directorate of Art in the Department of Culture and Information, with the intention of exhibiting various kinds of traditional and contemporary Islamic arts.

Over its consecutive editions, the Festival was able to display different vibrant styles of Islamic Art through a selection of art projects illustrating the authenticity of Islamic Art and its ability to keep up with current artistic changes.

The Festival is one of the most renowned Islamic Art events in the region, and its events include local and international exhibitions, intellectual programmes, and interactive activities.

The theme of the upcoming edition of the Islamic Arts Festival:


The Islamic Arts Festival's theme, "Manifestations," is self-explanatory. Undoubtedly, clarity and revelation are prerequisites for manifestations. If every beginning is a blank page, then the manifestations are sure to be found at the end. Nothing compares to the manifestations in terms of their inherent powers to shape the indescribable.

Working on artworks guided by a specific theme is a question that can only be answered by artists. The question in this case is "Manifestations." It goes without saying that unique imagined images and worlds are peculiar to their respective artists; however, in response to this theme, art structures that approximate the concept and attempt to touch its broad semantic core are being created.

In their common meaning, manifestations are associated with clarity. Moreover, they constitute an "entrance" to the worlds hidden in the human soul and a path to the concealed aspects of artworks. They provide the viewers with formulas for exploring the essence and meaning of art installations.

The creation of artworks inspired by the theme "Manifestations" seems to be linked to issues of existence, observation, and research on the one hand, and even to history, realities, and facts, on the other hand. The theme "Manifestations" provides artists with a broad vision to formulate visual works that converge with the essence of the concept.

Again, manifestations refer to everything that is visible in its entirety and aesthetics. Every great artwork is a manifestation of many meanings and connotations, the majority of which are “manifestations” of the heart and soul. Perhaps any given manifestation is the true internal reflection of objects, nature, and humanity in their true image.

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