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About the award
The Sharjah Award for Arabic Poetry Criticism

Under the guidance and patronage of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah, the Sharjah Award for Arabic Poetry Criticism was launched to support and nurture Arab critics and enthusiasts interested in studies focused on Arab poetic experiences.

Field of the Award:

The award focuses on literary criticism directed towards Arabic poetry, aiming to broaden the research horizons for Arab critics to serve the Arab creative landscape.

Participation in the award is open to Arab critics under the following conditions:

Terms and conditions of participation
  • The submitted research must be unpublished and not previously printed or electronically published, nor awarded in a similar competition. It should be an original work dedicated to the award.
  • Each researcher is allowed to submit only one research.
  • The research must adhere to scientific standards and fulfill its requirements, including the clarification of margins, sources, and references.
  • The word count of the submitted research should range between (20,000) and (25,000) words, formatted on A4 pages, with each page containing approximately 250 words.
  • The department is not obliged to return the submitted texts whether they win or not.
  • In case of violation of the terms and conditions of the award, the award will be revoked.
  • Winners will be announced and prizes distributed during the Sharjah Arab Poetry Festival.
  • The Department of Culture in Sharjah will be responsible for printing the winning works and reserves the rights to the first edition of these works.
  • Any work that violates the terms or is incomplete in attachments will be disqualified.
  • Winners are not allowed to reapply for the award until three years have passed.
  • Winners are not permitted to make any modifications to the winning research after the announcement of the results.
Necessary attachments
  • Scientific and literary curriculum vitae (in Arabic), including postal address, telephone numbers, and email.
  • Completion of the disclaimer form indicating that the research has not been published or awarded elsewhere, and that its publication will be according to the standards of the Sharjah Department of Culture.
  • Completion of the participation form in the award.
  • Copy of passport and two personal photos.
  • A CD containing the research saved in a Windows system (Word), along with three original printed copies on A4 paper. The participant's name should not be written or indicated on the printed and submitted work.
Additional notes


  1. After ensuring that the research meets the conditions specified in this announcement, the award committee assigns a panel of experts to conduct an initial screening of the participating research to select those worthy of competition.
  2. After screening, the research is forwarded to three arbitrators, who are renowned critics and academics known for their scientific competence and integrity, to select the winning research for the top three positions according to agreed-upon critical criteria, providing a final report justifying the selection.

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First Place: 100,000 UAE Dirhams
Second Place: 75,000 UAE Dirhams
Third Place: 50,000 UAE Dirhams