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About the award
Sharjah Award for Artistic Criticism Research

The Sharjah Award for Artistic Research places artistic and visual research at the forefront, emphasizing the contributions of writers, critics, and academics as a parallel creative process to the artistic one. It seeks to attract insightful efforts and ideas, aiming to stimulate specialized critical research in the fields of visual and fine arts. The award highlights the role of creators, follows artistic trends, documents them, and strives to establish a common language between critics and readers. Participants are encouraged to innovate their tools to achieve the desired goal of presenting any topic.

In alignment with the instructions of His Highness Dr. Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, member of the Supreme Council, ruler of Sharjah, and in line with his vision regarding the significance of critical research in the field of visual arts, enhancing its role as a creative aspect in developing awareness of the arts, the Cultural Affairs Department of the Department of Culture in the Government of Sharjah announces the launch of the fourteenth edition of the Sharjah Award for Artistic Research under the theme: “The Role of Translation in Modern Art Criticism.” Writers, critics, and individuals passionate about this subject are encouraged to participate in accordance with the attached conditions.

The Role of Translation in Modern Arts Criticism

The award embarks on selecting the theme "The Role of Translation in Modern Art Criticism," driven by its recognition of the critical dialogue's significance across various currents, directions, schools, and diverse geographical and cultural landscapes. This becomes particularly pivotal in a phase where the need for interaction and communication transcends all barriers, including the linguistic barrier.

The award, in presenting this topic to researchers, does not confine them within narrow boundaries that would restrict the results. Instead, it aligns with the award's ambition to keep doors open to creative and influential additions.

Simultaneously, the award aims to focus efforts on the main idea related to the role of translation in modern art criticism, its impact, reality, challenges, future prospects, aspirations, projects, and institutions. This encompasses terminology issues, Arabization, influence, and impact—enriching the subject while meeting the criteria of rigor and creativity.

Objectives of the Award:

  • Engage with researchers and critics of Arab visual arts.
  • Introduce the works of Arab artistic critics and writers.
  • Expand the scope of interest in Arab artistic experiences.
  • Document the Arab artistic movement through the work of its critics.
  • Encourage young critical talents and raise awareness of them.
  • Monitor the movement of artistic criticism in Arab professionals.
  • Build a connection between society and its arts through critical language.

Judging Process:

  • Ensure that the submitted research meets the conditions outlined in this announcement, then forward eligible research to the judging committee.
  • The judging committee consists of three specialized judges.
  • The judging committee justifies its selection of winning texts using specific forms.
  • The committee's decision is final.

The General Secretariat of the Sharjah Award for Artistic Research:

  • H.E. Abdulla Mohammed Al Owais - Chairman of the Department of Culture in Sharjah.
  • Mr. Mohammed Ibrahim Al Qaseer - Secretary-General of the Award, Director of the Cultural Affairs Department.
  • Farah Qassim Mohammed - Award Coordinator.
  • Mohammed Al Nouri - Member of the Award Secretariat.
  • Dr. Omar Abdulaziz - Member of the Award Secretariat.
  • Mohammed Abulouz - Media Coordination.
  • Islam Abu Shakir - Editing and Proofreading.
  • Noora Shahin - Reviewing.
  • Mohammed Baashan - Design.
  • Amira Al Shamsi - Design.
  • Aisha Batti - Design.

The Thirteenth Edition, December 2022: Simile and Abstraction in the Image (Arab Art as a Model).

Tenth Edition Jury Members:

  • Dr. Mohamed Ben Hamouda – Tunisia
  • Dr. Naseef Jasim - Iraq
  • Dr. Amina Al Nusairi – Yemen

Results of the Thirteenth Edition:

  • First Prize: Dr. Mustafa Al Nahal from Morocco for his research "Modern Artistic Depiction in Interpreting the Relationship between Abstraction and Diagnosis."
  • Second Prize: Dr. Rasha Abdel Fattah Malham from Lebanon for her research "The Memory of Visual Art in the Arab World and the Duality of Discourse."
  • Third Prize: Dr. Jawad Al Zaidi from Iraq for his research "The Tangible and the Abstract in the Visual Text."
Terms and conditions of participation
  • The research must focus on the competition's theme ("The Role of Translation in Modern Art Criticism").
  • The research must be prepared for participation in the award and not previously published or printed in a book.
  • The research should not have won a similar award.
  • Only one submission per participant is allowed.
  • The research must include necessary illustrative images.
  • Images should be formatted in JPG with high resolution suitable for printing, accompanied by explanations.
  • The research must include margins, source lists, references, and necessary indices, formatted according to known scientific research standards.
  • The research should not be less than fifty pages (A4), with each page containing approximately 250 words.
  • The research should be submitted in a Word document.
  • Attachments should include a CV, academic CV, and a declaration of non-publication or winning in a similar competition.
  • Winners of the last two cycles of the award are not eligible to participate.
  • The department is not obligated to return submitted research to its authors.
  • The deadline for submissions is Monday, October 2, 2023.
  • Results will be announced in December 2023, and awards will be distributed in a seminar on the same theme.
  • Winners will be invited to attend the award ceremony and participate in the seminar at the organizer's expense.
  • The Department of Culture will print the winning research separately and retains the rights for the first edition.
Necessary attachments
  • A copy of the passport or ID valid for at least six months.
  • CV and academic CV.
  • Two personal photos.
  • Declaration of non-publication or winning another award.
  • Confirmation that the winning material will be published according to the Department of Culture's standards.
To contact

Submissions should be sent to the Secretariat of the Sharjah Award for Artistic Research:

P.O. Box 5119, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Sharjah Award for Artistic Research (First Place) with a value of $8,000.
Sharjah Award for Artistic Research (Second Place) with a value of $7,000.
Sharjah Award for Artistic Research (Third Place) with a value of $6,000.