The Exhibitions at the Maraya Art Centre and Al Qasba

15 Dec, 2019

SIAF continues with the openings of the contemporary exhibitions at the Maraya Centre and two outdoor murals in Al Qasba. 

As part of the Sharjah Islamic Arts Festival three exhibitions opened at the Maraya Art Centre; Arc Zero by James Tapscott from Australia; The Spirit of The City by Ahmed Karaly from Egypt and Bloom by Li Hongbo from China. The same day two more exhibitions opened at Al Qasba; Mural II by Magdy ElKafrawy and Mohamed Abdel Aziz, from Egypt; Geometric Garden, 3D Mural by Danila Shozy from Russia.

The opening was attended by Marwan Al Serkal, Executive Chairman, Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (SHUROOQ) in the presence of HE Abdullah Al Owais, Chairman of Sharjah Department of Culture, Mohammed Al Qaseer, Head of Cultural Affairs and General Coordinator at the Department of Culture, and Farah Qassim Mohammed, Islamic Arts Festival Executive.

Bloom by Li Hongbo from China

Bloom is more than a work of art, it is the artist's human vision, which calls for an end to harm, hatred, bloodshed and suffering. Formed in a striking visual language leaves all viewers in astonishment. The flow of colours is vibrant and inviting. It celebrates life and all good in the world. It took the artist three years to create the installation.

Arc Zero by James Tapscott from Australia

The installation Arc Zero is a reflection of the artist's being influence by the aesthetics of Islamic art. James Tapscott explains, "The textural qualities of Islamic art allow the materials to transcend the familiar and become entirely new and unique." The installation uses light and water and presents them in a very unique way. The dark room is illuminated by the circle of light and the water spreading from the circle which gives a viewer an interesting experience.

The Spirit of The City by Ahmed Karaly from Egypt

The art installation The Spirit of The City is comprised of eight successive layers of chiffon fabric. The airy and flowy fabric creates a serene space where the light plays a big role. A viewer can see the installation from the front or immerse him/herself in the layers. Each layer is also cut in various length and shape to symbolize the city, as the artist is very interested in exploring a connection with living space and cities.

Mural II by Magdy ElKafrawy and Mohamed Abdel Aziz, from Egypt

SIAF 2018/19 revealed Mural I, and this edition of SIAF presents Mural II, on the walls of Qasba. Egyptian artists Magdy ElKafrawy and Mohamed Abdel Aziz present a rich calligraphic structure that features visual images in multiple aesthetic. Both artists work in harmony, bringing their own voice and expression together in one artwork.

Geometric Garden by Danila Shozy from Russia

Geometric Garden offers an amazing visual experience in the corridors of Al Qasba, where the viewer enters a safari-like journey of many drawings. The artist uses colours and a repetition of shapes to create an optical illusion and 3D effect.

by Islamic Arts Magazine