Sharjah Award for Arabic Poetry

The Award was launch in 2011 under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, a member of the Supreme Council Ruler of Sharjah, to honor pioneers of Arabic poetry. Each year, the award honors a local personality and another Arab Figure.

The honored Arab figured of the Award are:
First Edition 2011
- Poet Mohammed Al Tahami (Arab Republic of Egypt)
Second Edition 2012
- Poet Mohammed bin Hadhir (United Arab Emirates)
- Poet Mohammed Najeeb Al Morad (Syrian Arab Republic)
Third Edition 2013
-Poet Abdelaziz Ismail (United Arab Emirates)
-Poet Dr. Khalifa Al Waqian (State of Kuwait)
Fourth Edition 2014
- Poet Salim Alzumer (United Arab Emirates)
-Poet Haroon Hashim Rasheed (Palestine)
Fifth Edition 2015
-Poet Abdallah Al Hadiya (United Arab Emirates)
-Poet Mohammed Ali Shams Aldeen (Republic of Lebanon)
Sixth Edition 2016
- Poet Ahmed Mohammed Obaid (United Arab Emirates)
- Poet Dr. Rashid Eisa (Jordan)
Seventh Edition 2017
-Poet Ibrahim Mohammed Ibrahim (United Arab Emirates)
- Poet Mohiyeldine Alfateh (Republic of Sudan)
Eighth Edition 2018
-Poet Abdul Karim Matouq  (United Arab Emirates)
-Poet Noor Aldeen Sumood (Repulic of Tunisia)
Ninth Edition 2019
-Poet Saif Al Marri (United Arab Emirates)
-Poet Mohammed Al Shahawi (Arab Republic of Egypt)
Tenth Edition 2020
- Poet Talal Salim (United Arab Emirates)
- Poet Ismail Zuaireq (Kingdom of Morocco)
Eleventh Edition 2021
- Poet Shaikha Al Mutairi (United Arab Emirates)
- Poet Hassan Al Zahrani (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

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